PancakeTuesday in 2V

We had a special visitor

on Shrove Tuesday!

On Pancake Tuesday, Miss Valvo’s Grandma came to visit 2V and helped make pancakes with us. We began the morning by reading the story ‘Pancakes,Pancakes’ by Eric Carle. The story was about a young boy who lived on a farm that wanted pancakes for breakfast. He had to work really hard to gather all the ingredients from the farm. He collected wheat to turn into flour at the mill, fresh eggs, fresh milk and made his own butter.

We are very lucky that we can buy all the ingredients from the supermarket. Miss Valvo’s grandma helped us to measure the ingredients and we all had a stir of the mixture. We then got to choose our own toppings and decorate our pancake.

Pancake Tuesday on PhotoPeach

What is your favourite pancake topping?