Using Bead Strings for Maths

In Maths this term we have  been using Bead Strings to practise our counting and number facts. Using the string has helped us to picture a number line in our heads. Miss Valvo introduced us to the BIG Bead String and we looked at all the different ways that we could count the number of beads on the string.

Miss Valvo asked questions to help us with our thinking and counting skills such as:

‘Is there a faster or another way to count the beads?’

‘Which was the fastest way to count the amount of beads?’

‘How many is one more ore one less bead?’


We have also used the beads to play a game called ‘Tug of War’. This game helps us to practise our addition and subtraction skills as well as our counting.


 Can you think of any other activities that we could use the Bead String for?