May the FORCE be with you!

May the FORCE be with you!

This term in Grade 2 we are learning about forces. We were very lucky to have a special guest speaker come in to talk to us about how we can make force. We learnt that there are four different things that force can do. When you apply force you can push, pull,  twist or change the shape of something.
Forces are all around us. We experimented using the four different forces using our hand. Then we conducted some more experiments to see force in action. Check out our video to see what we learnt and all the fun we had 🙂 

Science Visitor from neesha valvo on Vimeo.

On Wednesday Miss Valvo conducted an experiment with the class. We went balloon surfing! We learnt about how to write a scientific report and followed the steps as a class.
Our question was “How many students can stand on a table balancing on 17 balloons?”
We hypothesised that 11 students would stand on the table before the balloons burst.

Balloon Surfing on PhotoPeach

We found that 17 students could stand on the table before the balloons burst. This was because the force above the table was too great for the balloons to repel causing them to burst.