2V Artists at Work

2V Artists at Work!


Last week Miss Valvo told 2V that we were going to become Rembrants and DaVinci’s for a week and design our on art piece. We brainstorm some ideas and then we decided to create an abstract masterpiece using wax crayons.

The first step was to peel all the crayon wrappers off the crayons. Each person then drew a stick figure on the bottom of the canvas. Miss Valvo went over them in permanent texta so they would stand out! She also added umbrellas to protect our drawings from the raining wax!


We sorted all the crayons into a rainbow. Miss Valvo glued them on top of the canvas with Super Tac. The canvas was ready for a blow dry. We each took a turn at melting the wax crayons to look like rainbow rain.



Check out our Masterpiece!

Our finished art work is going to be up for auction at the PFA Christmas in July Function.


We had so much fun being Artists for a Week!