International Dot Day

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This week 4V and their buddies are celebrating International Dot Day. This day is celebrated all over the globe and is a day that encourages individuality and creativity. International Dot Day is named by the book ‘The Dot’ written and illustrated by Peter H.Reynolds.

4V celebrated their creativity by making their own dots using a range of materials. We then went into the LRC to share the wonderful creativity with our buddies. We made 3-D dots using the iPad App colAR Mix. The grade 2’s were fascinated by their magnificent creations.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

We also expressed our creativity using words. We made a words splash with our buddies using all the different words that we could come up with that related to a dot. We taught our buddies how to use Tagxedo.

Today we are going to be Skyping with a school in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are very excited to tell them about all he wonderful things we’re doing in Grade 4 at SMOT.

Shape Pictures in 4V

Our shape pictures in 4V

by Lachlan, Oscar and Charlotte

In 4V we are learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We had a base shape and then we made it into a creative picture.

Then we had to write the shapes:

  • Names
  • How many Edges
  • How many Faces
  • How many Vertices
  • What they enjoy

The three most popular shapes were square, circle and triangle.

Here are everybody’s pictures.
Shape Drawings by 4V on PhotoPeach

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso


Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga Spain. He is famous for being a co-founder of Cubism art. Cubism is a style of painting where objects are broken up and re-painted in abstract form. Pablo moved to Paris when he was about 20 years old as it was considered the Art Capital of Europe.

Picasso painted in different periods. These periods were:

The Blue Period – During this time her painted sad looking paintings using blue and blue-green colours.

The Rose Period- During this period he would paint happy paintings using orange and pink colours. 

The African-Influenced Period- During this period his paintings inspired African Sculpture.

The Cubism Period- This is the period he is most famous for.

What is Cubism?

Cubism was a style of art created by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. In Cubism, artists paint portraits to show three-dimensions on a flat canvas. Artists break up the subject into many different shapes and then repaint it from different angles.

4V created their own Cubism portaits using collage and paint. Check them out. We think we did a fantastic job.

Pablo Picasso in 4V on PhotoPeach

Want to have some fun at home? Check out these activities from Making Art Fun.

Click on an activity below and print it out to complete

Picasso Word Search

Picasso Colouring Page

2V Artists at Work

2V Artists at Work!


Last week Miss Valvo told 2V that we were going to become Rembrants and DaVinci’s for a week and design our on art piece. We brainstorm some ideas and then we decided to create an abstract masterpiece using wax crayons.

The first step was to peel all the crayon wrappers off the crayons. Each person then drew a stick figure on the bottom of the canvas. Miss Valvo went over them in permanent texta so they would stand out! She also added umbrellas to protect our drawings from the raining wax!


We sorted all the crayons into a rainbow. Miss Valvo glued them on top of the canvas with Super Tac. The canvas was ready for a blow dry. We each took a turn at melting the wax crayons to look like rainbow rain.



Check out our Masterpiece!

Our finished art work is going to be up for auction at the PFA Christmas in July Function.


We had so much fun being Artists for a Week!