This term in 4V we are going to Quadblogging with three other classes from around the world. The schools that are involved in the Quad are:

We are looking forward to seeing what everyone is learning about at their school.

7 thoughts on “Quadblogging

    • Hi Sovan
      Thanks for commenting on our blog. We made it by projecting a picture on the wall then painting it. I wonder wether your class did anything like that?

  1. Hi Sovan

    Our art work was so much fun I really enjoyed doing it. You should do it aswell. What is your favourite sport? My favourite sport down here is football, soccer and tennis. And thanks for commenting on our blog. I have been commenting on your blog aswell.

    From Noah

  2. Hi everybody,
    I really liked you art ! They are so awesome ! 🙂
    What material did you use?
    How long did it take?
    Out of 10 what would you rate it? I would rate it 10/10 !

    From Sara http://swroom1hns.blogspot.co.nz/
    This is my blog ! Please comment 🙂 I would really love comments on my frist blog, I just started it today!

  3. This is a great blog that i haave ever seen, I wish if my blog i made in the ICT club last year was as good as this! 😀 (: 🙂

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