Click on the picture below to play reading at home or listen to stories.
Click on the picture below to play spelling and grammar games at home.
Click on the link below to practise your writing skills at home.

Click on the picture below to play Multiplcation Games at home.

Click on the picture below to play Maths games at home.

7 thoughts on “LEARNING @ HOME

    • Thanks for the post Noah.

      The people who read 75 nights receive a special bookmark or pencil. They still have to do their homework. Homework free week is if your hand your homework in 5 times 🙂

      From Miss V

  1. Okay because I have 5 punches in my puncher for my homework. So does that mean I get homework free week next week ??

  2. Hi Miss V,
    I went on one of the activities on Sqworl and I practiced my 5x’s. It gives you sort-of like a reward card that you can print out. I didn’t print mine out but it said that I got all the questions right! Today for the times table test I stayed on the 4x’s but I am practising my 5x’s.
    Layla :):D;)

    • That’s fantastic Layla! Keep up the super work. I wonder after the school holidays if you will know your sixes?!!!

      From Miss V 😉

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