Your homework will be posted on this page every Monday and is due on Friday (unless stated otherwise). Miss Valvo will be checking your diary every Friday to make sure you are recording your Reading entries.

term 4 weeks 4&5&6 Grid



Kevin Rudd Sorry Speech

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Instructions for Differentiated Maths Homework sheets:

These sheets have a set of 24 questions, plus a challenge question.  We would expect most children would be able to do questions 1-12 independently.  The questions become increasingly challenging from 13-24. 

For questions 13-24, your child needs to be able to complete these independently.  If they cannot, then they stop at the question that is too difficult.  We ask that you do not provide them with the answers or try to work it out with them, but merely provide clarification if necessary.

The sheet will be posted on line.  It needs to be completed, then glued into their homework book.


REMEMBER: If you hand up your homework and reading  5 weeks in a row and it is completed correctly you will earn a “Homework Free Week”.


Home Reading Expectations: 

Each night you should read for at least 15mins from a book, magazine or newspaper of your choice. In your dairy you need to keep count of the number of days you have read for, as prizes are awarded every 25 nights!

Weekend reading is optional, although we highly recommended you read each night!  Just note down the pages you read and the number of days you are up to. Happy Reading!


3 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Hey Miss. V,
    I watched the times table video and I only watched up to 3x’s. The song for 2x’s is now stuck in my had!!!

  2. Hi Miss Valvo! I have Found some info about the three types of rocks,p; Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic. I am very happy that we have 2 weeks to do it.
    Layla 😀

  3. Hi Miss V,
    I tried to print the maths grid off my computer and it did not print. Do you think you could help me out by printing me a math grid for homework??
    Thanks, Layla 🙂

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