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This week 4V and their buddies are celebrating International Dot Day. This day is celebrated all over the globe and is a day that encourages individuality and creativity. International Dot Day is named by the book ‘The Dot’ written and illustrated by Peter H.Reynolds.

4V celebrated their creativity by making their own dots using a range of materials. We then went into the LRC to share the wonderful creativity with our buddies. We made 3-D dots using the iPad App colAR Mix. The grade 2’s were fascinated by their magnificent creations.

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We also expressed our creativity using words. We made a words splash with our buddies using all the different words that we could come up with that related to a dot. We taught our buddies how to use Tagxedo.

Today we are going to be Skyping with a school in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are very excited to tell them about all he wonderful things we’re doing in Grade 4 at SMOT.

One thought on “International Dot Day

  1. Hi 4V and Miss V

    Yay! I’m so glad you and 2MG had the opportunity to celebrate Dot Day! It is becoming more popular every year and is now very much an international celebration.

    I really enjoyed seeing 4V and 2MG working together on their dots in the LRC. Isn’t the CoLaR app awesome!! It uses virtual reality technology to make your dots look 3D.

    I hope you all had lots of fun sharing your creativity and making your mark.

    How exciting to skype with a class in Thailand 4V!

    You’re very lucky to have Miss V who provides so may wonderful experiences for your class…

    Miss Y 🙂

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