Hands On Science Incursion

Break Away, Wash Away

On Wednesday 17th July 4V participated in a science incursion run by Hands On Science. Our inquiry unit this term is ‘Break Away, Wash Away’. This unit is all about weathering and erosion and how the earth’s surface is changing over time.


Angela was our presenter for the day and she was very knowledgeable and taught us a lot. She is a marine biologist and also a science teacher. Angela told us about the two different reasons our earth’s surface is changing. Natural processes occur and also human activity.


First we concentrated on the different natural processes that effect the earth.  The natural processes that we came up with that change the surface of the earth were; earthquakes, erosion, tsunami, wind, glaciers melting, avalanches, space rocks (meteoroid), volcanoes, landslides and bushfires. We then discussed how human activities such as the removal of trees, pollution and buildings are effecting the surface of the earth.


During the sessions we conducted many experiments to see how weathering and erosion occur and the effects of human impact . Check out our slide show to see all the experiments.

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2 thoughts on “Hands On Science Incursion

  1. Hi 4V

    What a fabulous incursion full of fabulous hands-on experiments!

    What was the most interesting thing you discovered from the experiments you performed?

    Miss Y 🙂

  2. Hi Miss Y,
    It’s was a very fun incursion, too! The most interesting thing I learned was that ghost crystals (water absorbing crystals) are used in babies nappies to arbosb the liquid. I rember when I was a baby, still wearing nappies…
    Layla 🙂

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