Using Bead Strings for Maths

In Maths this term we have  been using Bead Strings to practise our counting and number facts. Using the string has helped us to picture a number line in our heads. Miss Valvo introduced us to the BIG Bead String and we looked at all the different ways that we could count the number of beads on the string.

Miss Valvo asked questions to help us with our thinking and counting skills such as:

‘Is there a faster or another way to count the beads?’

‘Which was the fastest way to count the amount of beads?’

‘How many is one more ore one less bead?’


We have also used the beads to play a game called ‘Tug of War’. This game helps us to practise our addition and subtraction skills as well as our counting.


 Can you think of any other activities that we could use the Bead String for?

14 thoughts on “BEAD STRINGS

  1. Hi Miss V and 2V

    I’m coming to do Maths in your classroom because you do such fun activities!

    I really enjoyed watching the different ways you used your Bead String to help you count to 120.

    I wonder if you could use your Bead String to keep a tally of how many books 2V children read in a week?

    Miss Y 😀

    • Thanks for your comment Miss Y!

      We will try that out over the next few weeks and keep you updated!

      From 2V and Miss Valvo

  2. Hi Miss Valvo and 2V,

    Fantastic counting happening in your classroom.
    I can just imagine how clever you’ll be when you get to Grade 4.

    Good job.
    Mrs Van and 4VL.

    • Thank you for your comment Mrs Van and 4VL.

      We love Maths in 2V. We wonder what exciting things you are learning about in Maths in Grade 4?

      From 2V and Miss V

  3. Dear Miss Valvo and 2V,

    I am so proud of you all! What wonderful counting in maths! I really like
    the way you used quick ways to add up the number of beads you had when
    playing tug of war!

    Have you tried the game ‘Headache’ yet? Ask Miss Valvo to show you… it
    is tricky!

    Keep up the fabulous work and great blog post Miss Valvo!

    From Miss Chiodi

    • Thank you for your comment Miss Chiodi!
      We are having lots of fun using the bead strings in maths.

      Yes, we have played ‘Headache’. It was a little tricky to keep the cards stuck to our heads. We are learning about subtraction at the moment so we are sure that the beads will help us with our learning.

      We might make our own bead strings at home to help us practise our counting,

      We wonder what the Preps use the bead strings for?

      From 2V

  4. Hi Miss Valvo and 2V,

    I have been very impressed with your counting skills when you have been using the beads.

    I wonder if you could also use the strings to make both odd and even numbers? I wonder how many odd and even numbers you could come up with?

    Keep up the good work!
    From Ms. Tieppo

    • Thank you for your comment Ms Tieppo.

      We have really enjoyed counting with the beads. We will have to try counting by odds and evens next time in Maths.

      We wonder how 2TM have been using the counting beads?

      From 2V

  5. Congratulatiosn 2V on your fantastic counting . I’m sure the beads help you to visualise numbers to 120.
    I wonder if you have grouped objects at home to make tens. I wonder how many pegs you have at home and if you can group the pegs to make tens to count them.
    Mrs S

  6. Love the way you all are using the bead string!
    Tell me how to play “Headache.”
    Keep up the clever counting and thinking!

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