4V’s Circles & Sqaures

Yesterday in 4V, Ella’s mum Lisa visited and lead 4V in an art activity. The purpose of the activity was to begin creating a masterpiece that will be displayed in the senor building stairwell. The inspiration for the banner comes from Wassily Kandinksky’s famous art work using concentric circles and squares.

We began by tracing three different sized circles out of felt. We then broke up into five different groups to learn a skill to create our centre circle. We learnt how to finger weave, plat, twist wire and make spirals out of felt.

We had a fun afternoon and cannot wait to see our finished masterpiece on display for the rest of the school.

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Hermit Crab Maths Investigation

Hermit Crab

Maths Investigation

In 4v over the last two days Miss Valvo set us a math investigation task. We had to set up a crab enclosure. We also had to pay for it and to make our money we had to fund raise by doing a sausage sizzle. We had to make a price for each sausage. We had to sell our sausages for more that we bought them for so that we make a profit. The first step was we had to add the price we needed for our crab enclosure. Secondly we had to organise the sausages for their price and we had to buy them. We them said if we sold them all how many dollars left over we had.

By Oscar and Georgia

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Clown Doctors


Our Social Skills topic this term is humour.

This week all the Year 4 students have been entertaining the junior grades by being clown doctors. Clown doctors are people that go around a make you laugh when you are feeling down. We are having lots of fun being clown doctors! The best thing about being a clown doctor is seeing other people laugh at you because you are being funny. (Written by Oscar)

The Colonial Show

The Colonial Show

Last Friday, all Grade 4’s took part in a Colonial Show incursion. We all came to school dressed in Colonial clothes. There were many convicts and soldiers upon us.

 The day began by assembling out on bottom yard  where we met a convict by the name of Anne Fowles. We were taught about life in London before the First Fleet for a convict. We were then ordered by the sergeant to line up and to board one of the six ships of the First Fleet, heading to New Holland.

We boarded the ships and sailed for four months to Australia. Whilst on the ships we learnt about how the convicts lived aboard. They were divided into small pens and were all chained together. The conditions were very poor as there were no toilets and many people were seasick aboard the ship.

Once the Fleet had arrived at it’s destination, we learnt all about the building of the Colony in 1806. We found out about the lady with the Black Velvet Band and how she worked with the Government to convict tradesmen to set sail to the new land.

We had a great day and learnt a lot about the First Fleet and how Australia came to be.

 I wonder what other interesting facts you learnt on the day? Post your comments here.

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International Dot Day

Make Your Mark


See Where It Takes You!

This week 4V and their buddies are celebrating International Dot Day. This day is celebrated all over the globe and is a day that encourages individuality and creativity. International Dot Day is named by the book ‘The Dot’ written and illustrated by Peter H.Reynolds.

4V celebrated their creativity by making their own dots using a range of materials. We then went into the LRC to share the wonderful creativity with our buddies. We made 3-D dots using the iPad App colAR Mix. The grade 2’s were fascinated by their magnificent creations.

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We also expressed our creativity using words. We made a words splash with our buddies using all the different words that we could come up with that related to a dot. We taught our buddies how to use Tagxedo.

Today we are going to be Skyping with a school in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are very excited to tell them about all he wonderful things we’re doing in Grade 4 at SMOT.

Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect 

During Literacy in 4V we have been learning all about cause and effect. The cause is why something happened and the effect is what happened because of the cause.

We have been discussing signal words that can help us to identify a cause or an effect. Some of these words are: because, then, which caused, after, so, therefore, due to, consequently, as a result and since.

We read The Lorax in class and discussed all the different causes and effects that occur in the story. Check out the video below to see the Truffula Trees we made outlining these.

4V Speak for the Trees on PhotoPeach

Hands On Science Incursion

Break Away, Wash Away

On Wednesday 17th July 4V participated in a science incursion run by Hands On Science. Our inquiry unit this term is ‘Break Away, Wash Away’. This unit is all about weathering and erosion and how the earth’s surface is changing over time.


Angela was our presenter for the day and she was very knowledgeable and taught us a lot. She is a marine biologist and also a science teacher. Angela told us about the two different reasons our earth’s surface is changing. Natural processes occur and also human activity.


First we concentrated on the different natural processes that effect the earth.  The natural processes that we came up with that change the surface of the earth were; earthquakes, erosion, tsunami, wind, glaciers melting, avalanches, space rocks (meteoroid), volcanoes, landslides and bushfires. We then discussed how human activities such as the removal of trees, pollution and buildings are effecting the surface of the earth.


During the sessions we conducted many experiments to see how weathering and erosion occur and the effects of human impact . Check out our slide show to see all the experiments.

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Masterchef- Starring Miss Valvo!

Last term Miss Valvo was lucky enough to go visit the Masterchef kitchen and taste test some of the contestants cooking. She was invited to the first ever Masterchef Pizzeria. Miss Valvo, her dad and younger brother all went to have dinner together. Check out Miss Valvo ordering her meal at the 21 minute mark and her dad complaining of being hungry at 26 minutes!!!
Click on the link below to check out the episode she appears in.